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Dear mates..
I miss you all so much *hug*
Hmm well, how are you? :D

This semester is tough :/ The lessons is going more difficult. Blaah~
So many activities to do. Eiga Show on October, Malam Keakraban with juniors on early November, JLPT on December, and Japanese Festival on February. I'll try my best, yeaay!!! \:D/

Lately, I'm fallin love with Sho (again) XDDD Watched his TABOO perf on Scene Dome Tour andddddddddddddddd SKFHLSDFKGHLJGHLRSJGHDKJGLHFJBHGJKLHSJ'LAJYRNIB;SB'
*blame Shota and his 'landak albino' hair* XDDDDDDDDDD

Wow, it's already 9:30AM here. I have a class on 1:00PM and haven't done yet with assignment LOL
Okay, bye mates~ *waves*