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Yeay for Sho's upcoming movie!!  

Even it means, he'll be more tired and more skinnier than before.
Poor Sho-chan 

But anyway, SHO AS A DOCTOR?? OH GOD YES!! *nosebleeding* 
(≧∇≦) I'm so excited!!!

More information can be found here.


So, now random entry as usual LOL
Look at my new icon!! XDD Guess who?? XDD
Hmm.. I don't know either *get smacked*
But I bet you can tell who's the blue and the red one 

Two days ago while chatting with gekoku_shou , she draw this,

あらま!She always knows what I need! XDD Love you mates ♥ 
And now I need more Subassan/Yasuba moments on Janiben. Because nowadays, Subaru more often with Maru-chan and Shota with Ryo D: (even if I'm still okay with those pairing) ROFL

What? You want more gekoku_shou  draw?
Okay, how about bonus? LOL

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