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Kisarazu Cat's Eye World Series

Finally, I've finished watch Kisarazu Cat's Eye World Series. 本真に面白かった !!! XD

I love Kisarazu Japan series, so I decided to download this world series. Special thanks to[info]palmandgo who upload it in VERY HIGH QUALITY (I think) XDD~

Here I bring some caps from this series. But, mostly SHO.. XD~

(More caps at My VOX)

Sorry for spamming your friends page with SHO & ZOMBIE L0L
Because I love both of them <33
Hope I didn't give you any spoiler..~



Some caps from VS Arashi 2008.11.08

Uwaaa~ I love Jun-Ohsima pair so much ☆☆☆

*dance happily*

Aah.. lama2 gw berharap perasaan Ohsima-san akan berbalas! *get smacked* XD

And because I won't My Sho-kun left behind!!

翔くん、やめてよ!!! Please stop make me melts everytime!! (>____<) ♥♥♥

 thank to Chaix2 for this adorable video XD