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[download] CM: Able Inc.2009 & JP-Post version.3

 I recode the CMs from .mpg to .avi format. And I compressed the resolution from 1280x720 to 640x480. Okay, lower but I think still in good quality! xD
For anyone who can't be able to view the HQ one, it's up now!
MF really hates me today T^T
So I just can upload to 4shared.. Hope you don't mind m(_ _)m
Please let me know if theres any broken links ^ ^
original video from: gachapin (credit her/him, not me ;p)
[CM] ABLE Inc.2009_Sakurai Sho (640x480)
5MB   Duration 00:15
[CM] New Year's Card Japan Post_Sakurai Sho (Yusei Greeting Postcard) (640x480)
8.7MB   Duration 00:30

PS: Preview from the CMs can be found here.