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I know that already!

Well, seems I have a lot of stories I want to write, about Eid Mubarak, about D-san, about my crazy family, etc..
But no, I'm not doing it right now, cause I just want to pimp this ;D

Love to read fanfic? GO AND JOIN THAT COMM NOW!!!
I swear there's a lot (only 5 for now, but you'll see more coming! XD) of shiny, sparkly, and ASKLFHKJDFK AWESOME fics!!!

Tati is ♥

Feliz aniversário Tati

Sorry I can't give you something special for your birthday ;_____________;
I'm all broke and lack of skill LOL So yeah.... I hope you like my gift :D

You loves Osaka Romanesque, don't you??? *winks at MD* ("Good job, bb" <3) ;P
please bear with the quality and my voice sounds tired, but yes indeed, I'm too damn tired <.<