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Tatsu movie ♬

Tatsu got the first lead role on a movie!! Yeaaay, I'm so happy for him (งˆヮˆ)ง

The title is 100kai naku koto (百回泣くこと). Honestly, I don't really like a love story movie, but it's Tatsu!! XD I wanna see our big baby become an otona lol
More information about this movie:
お楽しみに ヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝ



Dear all my fellow Indonesian Eighters~

Dalam rangka memperingati 6 tahun debut Eito, forum SukiyanenOOsaka mengadakan Kuis berhadiah 1 buah CD Single Naniwa Iroha Bushi.

Caranya? Gampang banget!
Pertama pastikan kamu sudah register dan menjadi member di forum SukiyanenOOsaka. Kalau belum gabung, ayo cepat gabung sekarang!!

Setelah gabung, yang perlu kamu lakukan adalah introduction (pastinya) dan perbanyak postingan di thread manapun. Minimal 15 postingan aktif dalam jangka waktu 25 Juli - 24 Agustus 2010 dan kamu boleh mengikuti kuis ini! :D 

Soal akan diberikan tanggal 25 Juli 2010 dan akan dibuka sampai tanggal 24 Agustus 2010. Pengumuman pemenang akan diumumkan di SukiyanenOOsaka pada tanggal 25 Agustus.

Jadi? Ga usah khawatir. Perbanyak aja postingan di SukiyanenOOsaka di THREAD APAPUN, jawab pertanyaannya, dan dapatkan 1 buah CD single Naniwa Iroha Bushi.

With love, SO family 
♥ ♥ ♥     

★151 - Eito's new single

I'm just take a nap for an hour and when I awake this is the first thing that popped in my Flist!
And my mind was going BLANK..... for a milli-second LOL

# TOO FAST! Once again it's way too damn fast for Eito's records! What are they? ARASHI? LOL Honestly speaking, I'm kinda scared what others might think about this :(
# But, yeay!! It's a DREAM COME TRUE, isn't it? It'll be used for a drama soundtrack! Tacchon, thank you. You bring Eito at this state!! XD
# Let's pretend this single HAVE NOT RELATED with that PROLOGUE OF PATCH thing! *runs away*

Plus it will release on August 25th (my first day at uni!) XD
Mom, I want this as a birthday present, pretty please? m(_ _)m

Finally, today is 6/6 at CLUB8
Nah, what will happen next?


I listened to Recomen for about two hours, just because Yoko said they have a special news for us.
But, it's just about KANPANI DVD BOX?? Are you kidding me Yoko??? *punch Yoko*
All I want to hear is about that CLUB8!!!! 
SERIOUSLY!!!! *pouts* =3=

edit: まあ~いいか。 They'll have unaired footage on that DVD XDD
And, can't you see a bit of progress at club8.jp ? LMAO

I've listened to their coupling song, Ukiyo Odoribito XD
It sounds like Kuchibiru kara Romantica by AAA. I love it <3
There's also Subassan parts in the bridge ASDFGHJKL;

Just for fun zukkii XDD


Yeay for Sho's upcoming movie!!  

Even it means, he'll be more tired and more skinnier than before.
Poor Sho-chan 

But anyway, SHO AS A DOCTOR?? OH GOD YES!! *nosebleeding* 
(≧∇≦) I'm so excited!!!

More information can be found here.


So, now random entry as usual LOL
Look at my new icon!! XDD Guess who?? XDD
Hmm.. I don't know either *get smacked*
But I bet you can tell who's the blue and the red one 

Two days ago while chatting with gekoku_shou , she draw this,

あらま!She always knows what I need! XDD Love you mates ♥ 
And now I need more Subassan/Yasuba moments on Janiben. Because nowadays, Subaru more often with Maru-chan and Shota with Ryo D: (even if I'm still okay with those pairing) ROFL

What? You want more gekoku_shou  draw?
Okay, how about bonus? LOL

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