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上裕間 一木
05 September 2018 @ 07:13 pm

to my journal


From now on my journal is going to SEMI-FRIENDS only.
It's like 88% locked (includes fangirling and real life) and 12% unlocked (almost all of my works) xD
Check my PROFILE PAGE, so you can know more about me.
And if we have the same interest, just add me and leave comment here, so I can added you back for sure.


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上裕間 一木
18 August 2012 @ 11:49 pm

Happy Eid Mubarak for all Moslems around the world ♡


May Allah accept our good deeds,
forgive our mistakes and ease the
suffering of all the people.
Wishing you a very happy, healthy, and peaceful Eid.
Please forgive all the mistakes that I made :')

上裕間 一木
17 August 2012 @ 09:35 pm

As shinobu_kujo requested, here's the kanji and romaji lyrics for Aoppana. Please tell me if there's any mistake ;)
Enjoy! ♡




青春のあおっぱな ぶらりぶらぶらぶら下げ
青臭くイキがった ガキのまんま笑ってる 


もう忘れちゃったの?あんな大事な約束を もうなくしちゃたの?輝く宝物 
もう捨てちまったの?あんな素敵な思い出を もう離しちゃったの?繋いでた手と手 


男 裸一貫で生まれたからには 燃える心一つで 夢を追いかける 


青春のあおっぱな ぶらりぶらぶらぶら下げ
がむしゃらに突っ走り 赤っ恥をかきまくる
青春のあおっぱな ぶらりぶらぶらぶら下げ
青臭くイキがった ガキのまんま笑ってる
もう隠しちゃったの?あんな無邪気な笑い顔 もう黙っちゃったの?やさしい愛のうた 
もう見なくなったの?あんな大きな君の夢 もうやめちまったの?真っ直ぐ歩くこと 


心どしゃぶりの中 傘などなくても 行くぜ男一匹 明日は日本晴れ 


青春のあおっぱな ぶらりぶらぶらぶら下げ
がむしゃらに突っ走り 赤っ恥をかきまくる 青春のあおっぱな ぶらりぶらぶらぶら下げ
青臭くイキがった ガキのまんま笑ってる 




Seishun no aoppana burariburaburabura sage
Aokusaku ikigatta gaki no manma waratteru 


Mou wasurechatta no? Anna daiji na yakusoku wo
Mou nakushichatta no? Kagayaku takaramono
Mou sutechimatta no? Anna suteki na omoide wo
Mou hanashichatta no? Tsunaideta te to te 


Otoko hadaka ikkan de umaretakara ni wa
Moeru kokoro hitotsu de yume wo oikakeru


Seishun no aoppana burariburaburabura sage
Gamushara ni tsuppashiri akappaji wo kakimakuru
Seishun no aoppana burariburaburabura sage
Aokusaku ikigatta gaki no manma waratteru


Mou kakushichatta no? Anna mujaki na waraigao
Mou damachatta no? Yasashii ai no uta
Mou minakunatta no? Anna ooki na kimi no yume
Mou yamechimatta no? Massugu aruku koto


Kokoro doshaburi no naka kasa nado nakute mo
Ikuze otoko ippiki asu wa nihon bare


Seishun no aoppana burariburaburabura sage
Gamushara ni tsuppashiri akappaji wo kakimakuru
Seishun no aoppana burariburaburabura sage
Aokusaku ikigatta gaki no manma waratteru

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上裕間 一木
16 August 2012 @ 04:57 am

Tatsu got the first lead role on a movie!! Yeaaay, I'm so happy for him (งˆヮˆ)ง

The title is 100kai naku koto (百回泣くこと). Honestly, I don't really like a love story movie, but it's Tatsu!! XD I wanna see our big baby become an otona lol
More information about this movie:
お楽しみに ヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝ

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上裕間 一木
04 August 2012 @ 10:15 am
That 8cchake matsuri goods frustrating me so much! I mean, I'm not really a singles or albums collector. But when it comes to the goods, I can't help but flailing and craving for it! XD
I'm craving for the bag and drink holder asdfghjkl ;_____; But my friend who have an online shop won't go to the matsuri, so she can't make a pre-order, thank you very

So the question is, 'How can I buy that damnperfect goods?'

Does anyone on my f-list will go to the matsuri? :)
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上裕間 一木
15 April 2012 @ 08:06 pm
I know this is so yesterday, but

I can watch this trailer all day long OMG!!!! >.<
And the background song too, is that a new Eight Ranger theme song? Sooooo gooood!!! XD
Can't wait anymore!!!

Anyway, I forgot the password of my previous Twitter account ( @kazukejuuu ) XDa
So, I'm using the new one instead.. I really want to back being a proper Eighter, so feel free to follow me @almaidaaa , and I will follow you back :D
Thank you ♡
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上裕間 一木
11 April 2012 @ 05:35 pm
Magnitude 8.7 earthquake off
Indonesia. Let's pray for
everyone's safety there!

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

上裕間 一木
10 February 2012 @ 09:18 pm
Uh, HELLO WORLD! *waves*
Idk how long since the last time I posted here XD;

How have you been, mates? I hope you're doing well :)

Okay, this is only 9 pm here, but I'm already lying on my bed XD
That's when I feel like posting here~

And OMG, I miss my Eito so much.. Sorry for being such a bad fan :'(

*random post is random* :p

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上裕間 一木
29 September 2011 @ 09:20 am

Dear mates..
I miss you all so much *hug*
Hmm well, how are you? :D

This semester is tough :/ The lessons is going more difficult. Blaah~
So many activities to do. Eiga Show on October, Malam Keakraban with juniors on early November, JLPT on December, and Japanese Festival on February. I'll try my best, yeaay!!! \:D/

Lately, I'm fallin love with Sho (again) XDDD Watched his TABOO perf on Scene Dome Tour andddddddddddddddd SKFHLSDFKGHLJGHLRSJGHDKJGLHFJBHGJKLHSJ'LAJYRNIB;SB'
*blame Shota and his 'landak albino' hair* XDDDDDDDDDD

Wow, it's already 9:30AM here. I have a class on 1:00PM and haven't done yet with assignment LOL
Okay, bye mates~ *waves*

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上裕間 一木
05 September 2011 @ 08:08 am

since 16.12.2005

is spiritually steadfast.

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